poisonparadise-has-moved asked: "I want to commend you on being such a positive, flawless, lady gaga blog.
Lately I have been seeing so many "Lady Gaga" blogs that are so negative that even Lady Gaga fans hate them.

I wish everyone could learn from your example! I hope you start posting more again! xoxo"

Thank you so much for that message, Brandon! It’s good to know that there are people who recognize my love and devotion for Gaga + what I’ve learned from her.

All these hatred and fan fights are ridiculous and make people look like idiots. I don’t know why they keep fighting over artists who are only spreading love and helping people. Britney Spears loves Lady Gaga, who loves Rihanna, who loves Katy Perry, who loves Christina Aguilera, who loves Madonna, etc. Music is not supposed to be a competition - it is something that helps people like me and you to survive day by day.

I know I’m not free of hatred, it’s in our human instincts, but we can fight against it ourselves and try to spread as much as love and respect as posible so the world can be a better place. Yes, this is kind of cliché, but it works as long as you try.

Keep being yourself and even if you don’t like some artist or what she/he does, you must respect her/him in order to be respected. ILY ♥

What is your favorite Lady Gaga song?

What is your favorite Lady Gaga song?